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Project Safe Camp | About Us
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For Counselors...

Easy access, quality training

Welcome to Project SafeCamp’s online counselor training program! You are a few short steps away from completing your comprehensive (yet concise) safety training.

Who we are:

Project SafeCamp is the newest program of Magen Yeladim International: Child Safety Institute. It is our mission to educate counselors about hot topics in camp safety today. Project SafeCamp was created as a response to rising issues in camp settings that left counselors unsure of what to do. We’re not talking CPR, here; Project SafeCamp addresses concerns such as appropriate boundaries between camper and counselor or difficult circumstances in a child’s personal life. It is to your own benefit and the benefit of your campers that you be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle what may come your way.

How it works:

In a few, easy steps you will be a fully-trained counselor from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Information is presented through a series of four 20-minute videos featuring our trainers speaking on their area of expertise. A short quiz assessing your understanding of the information will follow each video. Passing each quiz will enable you to continue on to the next section. When you have finished all four videos and successfully passed the quizzes, you will receive a certificate of completion and we will notify your director.

Why do it online?

Our online accessibility allows you to complete the training in your own space, on your own time. Not only can you complete the course in your slippers, you can pause and resume the session after each quiz, saving you from having to do it all at once. Easy access, quality training.

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