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Project Safe Camp | About Us
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Program Description

Project SafeCamp was developed by experienced professionals who have studied the structure of our camp system and have measured trends and demographics among each generation of the campers, the counselors and the camp directors who are active in the Jewish summer camp system. They have interviewed key leaders in determining the range of emerging issues which arise among campers. They have formulated state of the art prevention and intervention tools to guide both directors and counselors in managing critical situations which arise when children are away from home.

The Project SafeCamp model, endorsed by HaGoen Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky and leading rabbinic figures including noted camp authorities Rabbi Ronald Greenwald, Camp Sternberg and Meir Frischman, Camp Agudah, provides a concentrated series of educational workshops tailored to the needs of counselors and led by leading mental health professionals and leaders. The program introduces guidelines for discipline, maintaining healthy interpersonal boundaries, dealing with high risk issues, responding to unexpected crisis in the lives of a camper, and effective and proper ways to deal with the personal safety and the psychosocial well-being of each individual in a camp.

Project SafeCamp Workshops include:

“Counselor-ing” 101

  • The counselor as a role model
  • Guidelines on appropriate counselor – camper interactions and relationships
  • An opportunity to provide positive experiences and raise self-esteem
  • Limit setting

Guiding Counselors through Challenging Situations

  • Identifying Challenging Situations
  • Counselor’s scope of practice – when to act and when to consult
  • Understanding high risk situations: oppositional behavior, self-harming behaviors, eating disorders, cutting, family crisis or dysfunction
  • Tools for dealing with challenging situations

Bullying? Not in Our Bunk!

  • Defining and recognizing bullying behaviors
  • Understanding the counselor role in bullying
  • Setting the bunk up for success with – nipping the bullying at the bed
  • Counselor interventions when bullying occurs

Personal Boundaries; Keeping camp safe

  • Handling disclosures
  • Creating a safe atmosphere in the bunk, on the camp site and on field trips
  • Guidelines to keep campers and counselors safe from inappropriate behaviors
  • Understanding: signs and symptoms, who might be inappropriate and why children do not tell